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// Freshman Got Skills //

I shot this completely on the DEFY G2X in underslung mode using the Canon 5d Mark3 with the Canon 35mm f/2 lens (no ND filters were used, hence jitterly look due to high shutter speeds). The atomos ninja blade was used as an external monitor but I did not look at my shots through it since I didn’t have the sun shade to see the screen.

The G2X is amazing and lightweight. The setup was quick and I was lazy to balance it correctly — the pitch was balanced but the yaw and roll was off pretty badly. In mode 3, the motors did all the work for me. NO POST PRODUCTION STABILIZATION WAS USED, however, the lens does have IS which was turned on. I have no glidecam experience nor 3 axis brushless gimbal experience, which is a testament how intuitive and simple the G2X design is.

Verdict: Although I like this product, I’m returning it for the Ronin-M based on price and the capability to carry a heavier payload. It also comes with a stand which is good for me who plans on shooting with an external monitor and would like to balance the unit in underslung mode.


Testing out my #DEFY #G2X gimbal. Shot with #canon5d #35mm


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