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Our Origin Story

When Elise was born, I knew my life would never be the same. Everything she did was so special to me that I began filming her every milestone like any father would. As the years passed, I discovered how these memories served as a time capsule, and I could always look back and see how she was at that specific moment in time. There is an innate part in each of us who want to have a keepsake of our most precious memories. I am an engineer by profession, who film out of the love for the art. What sets me apart from other studios is that every wedding is personal to me. Elise Films is named after my daughter and I can’t help but treat every wedding as a unique piece of endearment. Films have a way of evoking emotions and is a special kind of medium that allows us to experience the feelings and share that story with future generations to come. Life is about moments, heritage, and love. Every film we create, we strive to handcraft a piece of art that allows you to experience the feels and memories all over again.

Wedding filmmaking is about servicing our clients and giving a great experience.
It's about giving them an heirloom and the re-run of the best moment in their lives.

After eight years and over 150 weddings . . .

We continue to capture moments that leave people emotionally engaged and captivated through film.